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    Dec 19, 2013
    I hope it's not too inconvenient to post this here, but there's no "hacking" forum in the PC section... Anyway I was wondering if anyone here has managed to play a cracked version of MGS:TPP, and actually finish the game... The only available crack so far is from 3DM, but it still has issues, the game freezes after the prologue, and people have to use someone else's save file in order to get past the prologue and start chapter 1 directly... as far as the word goes all over the internet, this freezing issue only occurs after the prologue as well as in mission 46... However I heard from someone that the game freezes as well during the ending, and that it's not actually possible to watch the ending while playing the cracked version of the game... I've been googling for forever, but there doesn't seem to be any reports from anyone relating to this matter, so I was wondering whether this is a common problem like the other freezing issues, or does the guy simply happen to be unlucky??? So is there anyone who actually managed to play a cracked version of the game and finish it all the way to the ending???

    Once again, I hope my question isn't too inconvenient, and for those who'll advice me to simply buy the game, I'd like to add that I already did that, and even made it to mission 49, but the thing is, for very good reasons, I don't want to play an updated version of the game, and I kept steam on offline mode, until one day some friends messed with my steam account (I play on my brother's computer because he has a decent gaming rig)... And if anyone had been as unlucky as I was to have attempted buying this game on disc, they'd know by now that a "game disc" never existed, and there's absolutely no way to play a non-updated version of the game except if one uses the 3DM crack... So I would really appreciate it if anyone who finished the game can confirm whether the ending works or not...
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