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    Jan 11, 2008
    United States
    Alright, I really need some help because I do not want to risk bricking my wii, and anyone who can reach out, I truly appreciate it!! I've asked this question before, but the response I got was confusing so please try to explain it like I am dumb :-p!

    Alright, I've tested out a couple different N64 injected roms, and they did not work. I did it with the automatic injector and I did it the manual way. Now when the ones I tested did not work (Jet Force Gemini, and Banjo Kazooee) I simple deleted the channel, and the .wad file from my computer. I then installed the original super smash through an injected wad (SIN). Now if these are all deleted off the computer that created them, how can I get rid of the tickets (on the automatic injector the tickets were all lol, but as for the manual one I'm not sure of the ticket.., and is there anyway to check it any of these tickets still exist? How can I go about easily deleting these tickets? Any link will help out. I know the uninstaller will need to be used, but I am just confused about how to get rid of the tickets created by the injected wads? I've used SIN to inject each one.

    Please let me know what to do!!

    Thanks!!!!!! [​IMG]
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