Question about how you obtain/enjoy music

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    I've been a member of the board a while. Don't post much, do a lot of trolling at work, etc. Anyway, I'm in an independent band and have an upcoming release. We are tossing around the idea of physical CD sales vs. online distribution. I guess I have a couple of questions, if anyone has the time and wants to give any feedback.

    1.For the lot of us who get music free online, have you ever came across a band that you had never been exposed to and enjoyed their music, and went to one of their shows or bought a T-shirt of the band, etc?

    2.And if you did go to a show, and say you thought that they were just ok. If you were exposed to their music in the future, again for free and you enjoyed it, would you be more willing to attend another show and see if you liked them live, vs a band that you bought the first CD and went to their show. It was ok, and now they have another CD out that costs a fee, plus another fee for the show.

    Just a quick ??? for some of the music heads on the 'temp.