Question about files in the "usual" places

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    I do not know if this is allowed so please feel free to delete it if it is not and I appologize in advance.

    I have recently been seeing some files such as ninjapass and max media launcher in the "usual" places. Are these just dumps similar to the roms? Can someone please explain what is going on. My guess is that they can be loaded and used similar to backups onto a modded DSL.
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    They are the same as comercial ROM dumps in that they are ROM copies of the original DS cards, but they are useless since you have these devices to boot your flash cart and the ROMs (if they work) would do that same so in effect you are booting the flash cart with the orginal to load the ROM to boot the flash cart.

    EDIT: They are dumped simply because they can, only get them if you want a complete collection including all the XXXX releases.
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