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    Hi everyone, quick question..I have a game that I had tested through abgx(Skate 2) and I wanted to check the DVD file to make sure it had the correct layer break..someone had told me if I right clicked on the .dvd file that I can see the layer break so I right clicked it and first set it to open with notepad, then I changed it back to open with when I ran it through abgx everything was fine except it said that the CRC did not match, that it might be a bad burn(with this particular game, I had to change the file to .iso) could it just be a bad burn or was it because I set the .dvd file to open with imgburn, could that have been the cause of it not working? I am thinking it was just a bad burn to begin with but I just wanna be sure I didn't screw something up. Now when I see the .dvd file the icon itself looks like a small circle with a fireball inside of it..I just don't want to have to worry that perhaps I did something wrong that made the check fail..I assume that is the Imgburn logo since its default is to open with Imgburn..Thanks
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    If the .dvd looks like this:

    It just means that it's associated with imgburn, i.e when you you click it the app auto opens and sets the layer break contained in the .dvd.

    All 360 .isos should be like this: