Question about CDMA + GSM Support for carrier trasnfer

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    Okay, so I'm having a rather odd situation here. I am currently with Alltel (a CDMA carrier) with an old Razr Maxx. In about 6 months time, I am going to be moved over to AT&T (GSM Carrier with LTE in our area) because of a buyout. Supposedly staying with Alltel until then will let me keep my grandfathered unlimited data so long as I stick it out. However, my old phone is showing its age. It could probably last the six months, but not comfortably.

    Now then, I'm quite fond of the Galaxy S4, and wouldn't mind getting that phone. However, I'm not sure if I would be able to get it now. Alltel does not offer it, and I'm still too early to go to GSM, so I need something that can support CDMA now. I am not too terribly familiar with phones, but if I'm not mistaken, there's such things as international versions of phones that have both CDMA + GSM, I believe. Even if there are, I don't know if my carriers could support the phone or would let me use one if I got it.

    Assuming this is all correct and my carriers would let me, one other concern would be wireless tethering. My current Razr Maxx is rooted and has Wifi Tether for Root users which suits all my tethering needs. Upon trying to set my friend's S4 up with rooting, I never was able to get Wifi Tether for Root users to work correctly. However, since his was a locked AT&T device, I did find a workaround specific to the carrier. My concern is that I may not be able to make the international version a hotspot since it won't have a carrier specific workaround. If clarification could be given on this, that'd be great.
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    The Moto G I think supports CDMA and GSM networks, and is Google so it's friendly to Rooting and Wifi Tethering. Spec-wise it's an exceptional phone for $180, but #1 $180 isn't exactly a temporary phone price but #2 you might find yourself favoring the Moto G over the S4, or over time find lesser reason to part with a Moto G.

    If you straight up buy your phone in full, rather that buy it through a plan, you save alot more money over the long run, and you also have the option to sell it. Pay $180, sell it for $140 a few months later, and its like you spent only $40 to rent an awesome phone for several months. Also be aware that the date/month Samsung is expected to reveal the S5 is close enough to justify waiting.

    I'd personally hate it to buy a S4 when the S5 is expected to come out around the end of the quarter.
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    If it were by choice, I would stay away from anything GSM.
    That's if you fancy good reception and data communication.
    GSM's pre-world outdated technology. CDMA, you'll have more coverage.

    Besides my opinionated emotions to the matter, and known facts regarding either cellular communication signals.
    You'll find comfort knowing most phone models available come in both configurations. so there is no need to feel limited by choice of phone wile choosing carrier.

    Granted, with GSM- you can switch your phone to any carrier of choice with more ease oppose to CDMA, but It's not impossible.
    Now on with my preference of phones. The LG G2 is by far a better phone on the current market. Tge Galaxy S4 is still quite popular, but due to slimming designs I've seen far more S4's in my shop for repair with broken displays. Samsung thinned out the AMOLED display wile offering little protection to shock damage.

    my personal handset is a Galaxy S3 mini. "I fail to see why phones need to be bigger" lol.