Question about backing up emunand with emuNAND9

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    if I want to back up my emunand, is the process :

    Boot into sysNand ---> launch HBL ---> Launch emunand9 and back up from there ??

    My question is, am I able to back up my emunand from sysnand? Is that how it's suppose to be done (if not using emunandtool)?

    I tried to launch emunand9 from HBL in emunand using this process:
    coldboot into emunand ---> launch homebrewloader-launcher (which boots homebrew launcher) ---> launch emunand9 ----> red & black screen crash

    it just crashes to a red and black screen and restarts in HBL. FBI actually loads...wondering why emunand9 is having issues

    Also, can i start from a coldboot into emunand, launch HBL and then install .cias from FBI? If I can do it this way I'll remove FBI from my homescreen...
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