Question about a foreign game playing on 2 Wiis

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by elmnt61, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Hey guys! I thought I knew everything about wiikey and foreign games, but I'm kind of confused.

    Here's the quick background

    I have:

    2 USA Wii's with wiikey. (Wii A and Wii B)

    They were both done by the same person, a shop in Hong Kong.. so obviously there is some risk here.

    Both were successfully updated to 1.9, though at different times.

    I got Stickers (PAL) with Wii A (USA Wii, remember) in June. The game worked. Did not require any update or anything... unless they did that behind the scenes.

    Wii B, I just updated to the latest USA firmware today. I have never tried Strikers with this Wii because I was told it would brick it..

    Yesterday we played DDR: Hottest Party in Wii B, it initiated an update, worked fine.
    Today I put strikers (pal) in Wii B (USA) and it was going to start an update, so obviously i turned the Wii off.

    My question is: Why does this game play differently in two Wii's? Does Wii A have something in it that will allow it to play foreign games? I'm under the impression that both Wiis have the same chip and same firmware, so why can i play strikers in one and not the other? Thanks!

    UPDATE: Okay, i think I know. Is this a setting that's found in the Wiikey configuration? Do I simply need to turn on "region override"? I can do that by burning a v1.3 configuration DVD correct?

    So if this is the case, then why have so many people bricked their Wii's? Is it because most don't have wiikey or most don't turn on region override?

    Thanks again [​IMG]

    UPDATE again: Alright, I burned v1.3 to a DVD and changed the settings to turn region override ON. Well, i thought that would solve it. But the game still prompts a wii system update... ???? Shouldn't this be the solution?

    Thanks thrice. [​IMG]
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    Aug 7, 2007
    why don't you brickblock the game..
    and do a search on strikers it's such an old game loads of people must've dealt with this. (and 1.9 is not the firmware version, there's 1.9B and 1.9G)