Question About 3D Recording and Gateway With Supercard

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    May 6, 2014
    Hi, My English is bad but I'll be short

    I Have a 3DS 1.0.0 and I Updated to 4.5 with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, And I Don't Know why, But I don't Have the 3D Recording (I Read that was implemented in the 3.0.0 Firm to above), Some Explanation and/or solution?

    And About Gateway and Supercard, Can I use The Supercard Dstwo in the Classic Mode of the Gateway? I Read that using anything DS Card in the Real Nand Delete the Exploit of the Gateway so... Can Work o I gonna Kill my 3ds? xD

    Thanks for Reading :)
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    Maybe you can update EmuNAND to get the camera app with video recording.

    You can use the DSTWO on RealNAND. Just make sure to run the GW_INSTALLER.NDS after using the DSTWO (it can be run from the DSTWO, too).
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    Yeah I don't have video recording on my 4.5 sysnand either (updated from a cart). If it's supposed to be in that version, maybe it's another feature that isn't enabled until you've done an online update.
    It works in my 7.1 emunand anyway.