Ques regarding Kinect on banned 360 on old dashboard

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by imtony, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I have an online xbox and an offline xbox that I use. For the offline xbox, it was banned during the MW2 banwave last year during November so I'm assuming it's dashboard should be somewhere around that time. I haven't really touched it much, but my friends recently bought me a Kinect, and I decided to upgrade the firmware on that 360 from 1.61 to LT+ 1.1. I was wondering would I need to do anything else to play something like Dance Central? Or would I need to upgrade the dashboard? And where could I get it?

    Another question I want to know is how safe has the new LT firmwares been? Has there been any ban waves? I've read that the new LT+ firmware are undetectable if you abgx and make sure all your games are stealth. Any truth to that?
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    All 360 games will have the necessary dash updates on disc.
    No ban waves have been released, although they must have a list of people who played those new ap2.5 protection games on LT, switched drives and what not. But LT+ seems safe for now, of course you will b taking a ban risk flashing your unmodded one.