QuakeDS Wifi with on-screen keyboard

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    By simonjhall via dcemu:
    I've *finally* gotten around to releasing the wifi build of Quake for you all to play. This supports only infrastructure-mode networking, so you're gonna need an access point to play. There is no support for ad-hoc.
    Wifi performance is pretty sluggish, and you may find it not too your liking - I've done the best I can with the wifi library, but I just can't get low-latency performance out of it. Still massive kudos to sgstair though :-D
    You'll obviously get better results if a computer with plenty of processing power is hosting though. But you can still host on the DS if you want to (with a max of two players).

    An on-screen keyboard has also been added so you can properly play Team Fortress now :-)
    You can also type in the IP you want to connect to etc, change your player name, bind buttons, use the console etc...
    Today's keyboard has been brought to you by...ScummVM DS!

    There are also a few bug fixes for the people who got the 'freeing precaches' crash bug in pre2. There is no fixed game saving for the people who got corrupt saves in pre2 (well I've added code to handle drivers which don't support unaligned saving, but I couldn't fix all corrupt saves - YMMV).

    Mod support has also been improved a bit - dodgy QuakeC code no longer crashes (as much), some deathmatch bots are known work (I've been told Reaper and Omicron work), I've had a go with Quake Rally, Quake-done-Quake (with a vengeance), Team Fortress (not single player)... These are only the things that I have personally tested, and I'd just expect most mods to work out of the box, assuming the models are in pak files.

    If you're only interested in playing single player I recommend avoiding this build as the addition of the wifi code has greatly reduced the RAM that I fought long and hard for, so some levels may not be playable or may thrash.

    The usual shimmy, including instructions etc lives at:
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    That's awesome!

    I tell you what'd be awesome(er), If they just put the WASD layout on the touch screen as big as possible, with 'W' being forward, 'A' and 'S' being strafe and 'D' being backpedal.

    Then, have the 'Y' button as turn left, and the 'A' button as turn right, and the 'X' button as shoot. Then just have the D-Pad as weapon switch or something.

    That's probably as close as they'd get to a keyboard setup.

    Edit: As well as a little icon somewhere on the touchscreen to bring up the fulll on-screen keyboard of course.
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    And you would want movement mapped to virtual buttons instead of physical buttons...why?
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    I'm guessing so that you could use 3 fingers as if it was a real keyboard instead of a thumb on the D-pad.