(Q): Some PS3 Q's on Upgrading HDD and Games Help

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    hi all,
    recently I was thinking of upgrading my ps3's HDD (120gb, actually 111gb it says) to a bigger size (ps4's 500gb stock HDD) to store my disc only ps3 games,
    but I have some questions related to this:

    1) since my ps3 is *see info

    Info ps3

    and on CFW rebug 4.82 Lite/cobra 7.54,

    I just use the standard Backup utility of the ps3 to backup everything?
    or use the rebut toolbox backup?

    also, does the normal backup process backup the entire HDD_000?
    and will the ReactPSN user also be backup up or only my user?

    to export/copy trophies without PSN I just copy the trophy folder to /USB_000?

    2) do I need to backup the flash of my ps3? and keys or anything else?

    3) will the stock ps4 hdd work win my ps3? if it is the same size 2.5? both the ps3 & ps4 both use 2.5 HDD?

    4) for the disk only games, if I backup them up using multilane to external USB_000,
    how can I convert them from bluray (disk) -> .PKG?

    and will these games work fine as Pkg's:

    1) Final Fantasy XIII

    2) Final Fantasy XIII-2

    3) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    4) Castlevania Lords of shadow

    5) Tales of Graces F + Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

    and will if I convert these to pkg, all my existing saves and data for them still work fine like before?

    also, since 5) is a 3-disk game (3 different games) will it be one game when converted to iso or game folder or can it be separated to three different games?

    6) when I put the new HDD in my ps3, I just re install the Rebug CFW.PUP firmware file I have current installed,
    I don't need to rehack my system?

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    Apr 6, 2015
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    Update on some Q's:

    1) I did a full system backup to USB EXT using the standard Backup utility of the ps3 to backup everything
    (except trophies and like 2x copy protected system files for two games)
    these I can backup to usb using Filemanger of Multiman

    and I copied the trophy folder to /USB_000 (found a guide on how to backup/restore trophies to ps3 using multiman without PSN sync!)

    2) Backed up my flash of my ps3 using Rebug Toolbox and Registry (just in case?)

    3) if the ps3 uses 2.5 inch, max 9.5mm HDD like the ps4, then the stock ps4 HDD should work/fit just fine :)
    (a little testing will prove this!)

    4) Is it wroth the time and effort to converting the bluray games -> .PKG

    or if not just run them from internal HDD as GAME_Folder format or .iSO?

    6) if the CFW is the same, then reinstalling the same CFW will work (to make the backup) that was made before the HDD exchange work like before?