[Q] Running backups via Disc Channel like legit games

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by mary1517, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Quick question nr 1: I want my Wii to run backups burned to DVDs directly from the disk channel on wii menu, just like it does with legit wii optical discs. Is there a way to achieve this with a softmod and how?

    It can be a "fake" disc channel, but still, I want the console to run games from dvd, directly from the menu somehow. And I like these cute little intro screens that show up anytime you insert a game in to your system D:

    Quick question nr 2: Is there a way to do the same with GameCube backups?

    Quick question nr 3: A bit different one but... Can I burn GCN backups to a miniDVD and not regular DVDs? Will they work?

    Yeah. I'm one of those freaks that like to have all games on discs rather then on a USB drive.
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    yes it's possible if your console is compatible with DVD-R.
    newer/latest released Wii are not compatible anymore.

    What you need is patching all your IOS files to re-add trucha bug and different patches to launch unsigned data and burned discs.
    cIOSCORPS/DarkCORP is what you should use, even if it's not recommended to install as it will patch all your IOSes and will cause issues with some homebrew which need proper signed IOS (homebrew channel, nintendont, etc.)

    Maybe PimpMyWii has an option to do it and install DarkCORPS for you.
    DarkCORP and PimpMyWii are both critically known program and a lot of users will tell you not to use them.
    Also, DarkCORP is an old hack, I don't know if it works with latest system menu and all IOSes. You will need to read and read and be sure what you do is right!
    Don't do things randomly.

    If you want to see the "banner animation" when you insert a disc, some USBLoaders have that feature too.
    And they can launch Discs without editing your IOS files !
    If what you want is only games on disc, I recommend USBLoaders with Disc launching.

    Yes, this is possible with cMIOS and Gamecube launcher by WiiGator.

    yes, it should work.
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    My Wii is a launch unit so no worries with that. But from what I understand, this methods are old and can be buggy right. I don't think it's worth loosing the Homebrew Channel...

    Thanks for the directions, i'll look more in to these things.