[Q] How much would you say all of this is worth?

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    I have a O3DS (Cosmos Black) that's in really good condition. No scratches on the screens and very few on the housing (they're small, not noticeable). Has a NAND mod under the battery cover as well as an NFC tag (it's a gimmick. I use it to store info about the console :P).

    Has two protective cases and a small carry case. One of the cases are made of metal while the other is a transparent plastic.

    Has the original docking station, charger and box (the box is pretty messed up tho :P) as well as a EU copy of Cubic Ninja. It's on firmware 9.2.0-20E ("Gateway compatible") and has a NAND backup which is completely clean - no non-legit crap in the ticket.db or anything: it's perfect. Comes with a 4GB SD Card (better than the one Nintendo provides).

    Edit: Also has a 5000mah battery pack that connects directly to the back of the console :)

    What cha think?
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    check craigslist thats where i usually get my frame of reference
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