[Q] Hardmod - no NAND backup, have fresh emuNAND backup

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    I was not able to create a NAND backup because i'm stupid and i don't read (my SD was full, so when I got to the part where I had to create a NAND backup, i though, "Oh, shit! I can't make on coz my SD is full!" so I pressed B, thinking it was stop, not know it was skip). My 10.7 was downgraded to 9.2, but when I was about to format the 3DS for unlinking, whenever I go to settings, it always froze on the Nintendo 3DS splash screen, so then I thought, meh, tiny format should do the job. Bad choice. After the format, black screened. No a9lh installed yet, so no way to get to the system or any payloads. I can still get to recovery mode and I can get to the update screen, but the moment the update starts and shows the progress bar, it doesn't even take 2 seconds for it to throw the unable to update error. So I would love to know if there's something, anything, I can do about recovery mode (nintendo chat tells me to call them for solutions, but I can't because I'm in the Philippines, and nintendo is blocking private numbers - i use skype) so that I can update then do an autofirm downgrade. If that is not an option, then I go back to my topic's title, can I hardmod my o3dsXL with my emunand backup (which was done immediately before downgrading and before formatting)?
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    Yes, you can flash the emuNAND backup to your sysNAND with a hardmod and it will work as long as it's from the same 3ds.
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