PuzzleManiak 2.0 released

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Alx, Sep 7, 2007.

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    Nov 21, 2005
    First, I would like to thank all the translators (Linda, Alpha, Christian and Shaury), and also Paco 777 -author of Comic Book DS- for all his support.

    Now, the notes concerning the -long awaited- version 2.0:

    * DLDI patching is now mandatory.
    * Some bugs in game saving have been fixed.
    * Bridges bug has been fixed.
    * Double buffering has been implemented in Untangle (thanks again to Mollusk for his great palib), so that gameplay is really better now.
    * Dutch language has been integrated
    * In Net game, it’s now possible to lock a tile when you think it’s in the right position (this is done in the ‘right click’ mode).
    * Pressing “start” button while playing will exit any game in progress (useful in Untangle, as the menus are not available while playing, due to the double buffering implementation).
    * Addition of new levels in Net game (with a Wall wrap around mode)
    * 2 new games have been integrated: Mastermind and Blackbox
    * Graphic themes are now available.
    Switching from one theme to another is possible from the game, and this choice is saved locally.
    4 themes are available in the release.
    You can easily modify them (especially the background).
    We’re looking forward to seeing your best creations.


    Download the version 2.0 there
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