PuzzleManiak 1.9 released

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    PuzzleManiak 1.9 released

    Homebrew Wi-Fi game pack

    Alx06 has updated his homebrew Wi-Fi game pack 'PuzzleManiak' to version 1.9. No new games in this version, just a few bug fixes and implemented user suggestions. Download below.[title:PuzzleManiak 1.9 release notes]Version 1.9 is out.

    In this version I’ve (as expected):

    - added icons for Dominosa as requested in the forum

    - added icons for Slitherlink as requested in the forum

    - fixed bug of ‘online scores’ not available on the NDS (but as wifi is not working for me…)

    I’ve also, as requested by LinkinG (king of Daily Challenge), a new feature: when playing, when left icon is selected (so in left click mode), if you stay pressed on L-button the right mode click is enabled. As soon as you’ll release the L-Button, the left click mode will be enabled again. In one word: try to press L while clicking on a game, and you’ll understand ;-) This feature doesn’t work on game Sudoku.

    Note: Version 1.9 updated right now (saturday, 2pm GMT) to fix a bug in local hi-scores (thanks MikeD!).[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page

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