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Nov 21, 2005
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@neochaos this game is fairly unique in that the text is all graphical (most games have text defined and then draw it as it is being played).
What dirtie has done is split the rom into the pieces that make it up, a feature not normally seen in roms aside from DS ones (the famicom disk system is the only other one that springs to mind):
Also the files made using the methods in the thread linked have their own file system that deufeufeu already explained, the sound files of DS games are also unique in that 99% of them use the same format.

Then Dirtie viewed it with a graphics editor aka a tile editor (see links already in the thread but be aware that the DS and GBA use the same form of graphics display for 2d stuff so the tools should be compatible with each other). If you want serious detail on graphics here should help:

Other than that might I suggest my own GBA/DS rom hacking 101 as well as a read through of some of the threads on this section, it is not finished yet but it should point you in the right direction:
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