Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords

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  1. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Loved this game on DS, very addictive, lot's of fun and tons of options. Also it's the only game my gf has played through start to finish by herself.
    Now this bad ass title is on XBLA for 1200 points. It has been enhanced A LOT, all in glorious HD, new fonts, graphics, leaderboards, online co-op or versus, overall, a must buy if you liked the DS game.
    Can't wait until I have my net sorted at home to play this online, reckon I could do well on the leaderboard, and if all else fails and I suck online, theres always the backup plan... my gf!

    More Info & Screens.
  2. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    I wonder why would they skip all of those features on the PC version, or didn't they?
    Still, I really thing the best controls would be a mouse or a stylus. But the online VS. option sounds too good.

    Never played it. But since you mention it, I will soon.

    Just for the new Internet users that don't speak Technical/Internetish:

    gf = good friend
    XBLA = Xmas (Christmas) Badass League of America
    HD = Huge D*cks
    DS = Nintendo DS, duh!
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    PC & Wii version out soon too.
  4. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Well my plan worked! lol since I downloaded the game I haven't been able to get on my 360 as the misses has been hammering Puzzle Quest! She is already lv36 and has 110/200 achievements lol! After watching her play I'd have to say Puzzle Quest is in my top 5 XBLA games, well worth the £8 or what ever 1200 MS points equates to.
    The enhancements are excellent, all characters are voiced, graphics are updated and in HD! The controls are also very fast and fluid, one thing I was worried about knowing the DS version uses the stylus for control.
    I only get to play Orange Box at work now [​IMG] kind of a backfire I guess lol. Just hope she starts to play more stuff as PQ is the only game after years of me gaming that she has ever been interested in.
    GF's bumping gamerscore FTW!!
  5. BoneMonkey

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    i dont know why but i hate this game ! lol

    it got good reviews i just dont know why i dont like it