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    Puzzle 0.6 Updated Download Link

    Since the original download link for Puzzle 0.6 was lost years ago, I have re-uploaded the updated and the original zip files for anyone else who might them.

    Incase you need the original verison it can be downloaded here:

    Puzzle 0.6 Download Link


    Puzzle 0.6, is a Tileset Editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You can edit Tilesets, Tile Properties and Core Types.


    How Load Your Tilesets Using Riivoluton:

    - Open up your SD card, and save the file in nsmb/Stage/Texture.

    Compression Methods:

    Fast Compression - Will compress the Tileset quickly, in around 1-2 minutes, but will damage the graphic quality of your Tileset.

    Very Slow Compression - Will compress the Tileset slowly, in around 5-7 minutes with great graphic quality.

    Please note, that when a Tileset is compressing the application may not respond. If this happens it means your Tileset is still being compressed, once the compression is done the program will respond once again.

    Extra Information:

    - If you want to use your modified Tileset on Reggie! simply go to the Settings Tab > Reload Tilesets. After you have saved your modified Tileset on Puzzle.

    - If you find any bugs in the application, I cannot fix them. I simply have only re-uploaded this file so people can have access to this application.

    - Tile sizes are 24x24!

    List Of Tileset names:

    Standard Suite
    Standard - Pa0_jyotyu
    Underground - Pa0_jyotyu_chika
    Snow - Pa0_jyotyu_setsugen
    Credits - Pa0_jyotyu_staffRoll
    Lava - Pa0_jyotyu_yougan

    Stage Suite
    Grassland - Pa1_nohara
    Beach - Pa1_kaigan
    Castle - Pa1_shiro
    Castle (Final) - Pa1_shiro_koopa
    Castle (Lava) - Pa1_shiro_yogan
    Castle (Sky) - Pa1_shiro_sora
    Castle (Boss) - Pa1_shiro_boss1
    Desert - Pa1_sabaku
    Desert Underground - Pa1_sabaku_chika
    Doomship 1 - Pa1_hikousen
    Doomship 2 - Pa1_hikousen2
    Forest - Pa1_daishizen
    Ghost House - Pa1_obake
    Ghost House Exterior - Pa1_obake_soto
    Minigame House - Pa1_MG_house
    Mountains - Pa1_gake
    Mountains (Lava) - Pa1_gake_yougan
    Peach's Castle - Pa1_peach_castle
    Sewer - Pa1_dokan_naibu
    Sky - Pa1_nohara2
    Snow - Pa1_setsugen
    Toad House - Pa1_KinokoHouse
    Tower - Pa1_toride
    Tower (Desert) - Pa1_toride_sabaku
    Tower (Lava) - Pa1_toride_yogan
    Tower (Snow) - Pa1_toride_kori
    Tower (Sky) - Pa1_toride_soto
    Larry Boss - Pa1_toride_boss1
    Roy Boss - Pa1_toride_boss2
    Lemmy Boss - Pa1_toride_boss3
    Wendy Boss - Pa1_toride_boss4
    Iggy Boss - Pa1_toride_boss5
    Morton Boss - Pa1_toride_boss6
    Ludwig Boss - Pa1_toride_boss7
    Kamek Boss - Pa1_toride_boss8
    Underground - Pa1_chika
    Underground Icy - Pa1_korichika
    Underground Water - Pa1_kurayami_chika
    Underwater - Pa1_suichu
    Volano - Pa1_koopa_out

    Backround Suite
    Bonus - Pa2_sora
    Mushrooms - Pa2_kinoko
    Cliff - Pa2_doukutu7
    Doomship - Pa2_hikousen
    Doomship 2 - Pa2_hikousen2
    Final Boss - Pa2_shiro_koopa
    Ice - Pa2_kori
    Brown Rock - Pa2_doukutu
    Blue Rock - Pa2_doukutu2
    Blue Rock 2 - Pa2_doukutu8
    Brown Wavy Rock - Pa2_doukutu3
    D.Brown Wavy Rock - Pa2_doukutu5
    Blue Wavy Rock - Pa2_doukutu4
    D.Blue Wavy Rock - Pa2_doukutu6
    Sewer - Pa2_dokan_naibu
    Volcano - Pa2_gake

    Interactive Suite
    Normal Line Guides & Fences - Pa3_rail
    White Line Guides & Fences - Pa3_rail_white
    Final Boss Effects - Pa3_shiro_koopa
    Forest & Line Guides - Pa3_daishizen
    Minigame & Line Guides - Pa3_MG_house_ami_rail
    Floating Platforms - Pa3_hanatari_saka

    Tilesets Documented By XBzombieMan1337
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