Puyo Puyo virtual console wifi

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    Here is a game that mostly everyone knows about, but the thing about this is that it's going to be the 1st online vc game. Now this is what im thinking.....why the hell didn't they do this from the beginning? Alot of the worthless vc games would have had some use if you could play against other people....dammit Nintendo.
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    1. Belongs in Blog section.

    2. Don't assume everyone's heard of it, I haven't.

    3. What do you mean, Wi-Fi? Is a multiplayer option going to be added? Changed to Netplay?
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    Why exactly?

    Anyway, I wasn't aware they were adding online play to the game.
  4. YayMii

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    Jun 24, 2009
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    It was originally an arcade game, and it had local competitive play. I guess they're putting in an option for online competitive play.
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    Not everyone in Japan plays video games and knows of all the hottest puzzle series.

    That is really cool of them to add online play in a VC game. Do you have a source for this report or do you 'think you heard it somewhere'?
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    It's pretty much Kirby's Avalanche or Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (If you guys know what those are), but Puyo Puyo was the original. We had it here, called Puyo Pop, and it's made by COMPILE, I believe.

    ALSO: Article on Nintendo Everything shows screens implying WiFi.