purple screen of death - full brick?

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  1. munit

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    Oct 5, 2019
    Hi, I was stupid, did a Full backup over TegraRcm emmc rawNand, it took too long for me. I aborted it after an hour... my swithc now shows a nice magenta/purple screen, nothing more. I backed up a bit before:

    Name Size changed at Attr 8.3-Name
    bootrom_patched.bin 98.304 31.12.2018 23:00 A BOOTRO~1.BIN
    bootrom_unpatched.bin 98.304 31.12.2018 23:00 A BOOTRO~2.BIN
    evp_thunks.bin 332 31.12.2018 23:00 A EVP_TH~1.BIN
    fuse_array_raw.bin 768 31.12.2018 23:00 A FUSE_A~1.BIN
    fuse_cached.bin 768 31.12.2018 23:00 A FUSE_C~1.BIN
    kfuses.bin 576 31.12.2018 23:00 A KFUSES.BIN

    I have full emunand files from 01 to 07, boot0 boot1

    and my started
    RAWNAND.bin ~8gb

    Is there hope for me? It doesnt get recognized as RCM atm, powercycle always leads to purple, but I will let the battary drain.
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  3. munit

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    Oct 5, 2019
    thanks, i can now rcm again ánd will try gptrestore

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    now it seems to be stuck with a "nintendo switch" screen, could this take some minutes? restore worked

    Edit: im back, i went to standby and turned it back on, im at homescreen, thank you very much, was to freaked out to comprehend the tools before as i googled in fear before :D will do a proper backup now.

    Solving steps:

    • wait 20min
    • hold power 10s until screen is black, insert jig, vol+ + power on, tegrarcm(gbtrestore.bin) will detect the device
    • do stuff on screen
    • nintendologo and switch logo will great you, maybe cycle standby - success
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