Gaming Purchased Physcial Copy of BOTW - Loadiine / Vwii and updating the game?


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Mar 9, 2017
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Hi All,

Here's the deal. I've got my Wii U running 5.5.1 and have VWii running with homebrew so I can play my Wii games off an external HDD and everything else under the sun (Gamecube, SNES, etc, etc). I use Loadiine for some of my Wii U games I want to play. Everyone has said it's unbearable to play BOTW via Loadiine and suggests moving to the WupInstaller method. BOTW will be the last game for the WiiU so I simply want to play it from the physical disc and not hack up my system anymore as everything works fine.

THE big question I can't seem to get an answer on in other forums is this. How do I go about updating the physical copy of BOTW once I first start using it? I have DNS proxies set right now to use Loadiine. Do I simply turn those off and, legit, go ahead with updates that the system wants when I fire up BOTW from the disc? Is 5.5.1 the last firmware? Will the physical disc force some sort of update to the system (FW?) that will kill my existing Loadiine setup? I don't have the physical copy yet (On It's Way) so I'm trying to get a handle on this ahead of time. Thanks so much for your help.

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