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Sep 26, 2022
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so im trying to get a korean 3ds to play some games from my home region, my original 3ds is already homebrewed and i can use like 3hs or something to pirate korean games but we all know pirating sucks and is no fun, also font settings are just WEIRD so im just banking on buying a korean 3ds.

i have a lot of 3ds from america i can trade in at like a gamestop for some cash, use that to buy a new 3ds from america, transfer data from my purple 2ds xl to the new 3ds, then trade in that 2ds xl for some more cash, use that cash i got from the 2ds xl + some of my birthday money to buy a korean 3ds, maybe even a japanese one too.

one problem however. i have ZERO IDEA where i can even buy a system in the first place. did a little digging and found absolutely nothing. nothing on ebay south korea, ebay america, nothing on amazon, and some other korean video game stores i searched up. i cant find a single thing no matter where i look. im a minor and my family isnt taking a trip to korea just to get me a 3ds,thats stupid. i found stuff on wish but who trusts wish? nobody. not me. you could argue to take a gamble with wish but its $170 and thats a big chunk of my money right there.

if anyone at all knows anything pls tell me, reply or message or whatever
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