Psyfer to WRG NSMB release patch

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by FAST6191, Jun 22, 2006.

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    As the topic says I made a patch to convert the psyfer release into the WRG patched release.

    I have a new site over at which should be somewhat better than my lycos site:

    The site appears as a virtual directory and the file you want is called is called
    What happened is WRG released a patched version of the ROM so it would work on normal flashcarts but when people tried to make an IPS/NINJA patch it got pointlessly large. This xdelta is a few hundred KB and so perfectly fine for distribution.

    You will need xdelta:

    In this zip there is a file called WRG.patch, have this file, the unzipped NSMB rom (I have included a rename command so as long as it has a .nds extension name will not matter), and the following batch code made up into a batch file. Run the batch file and it up should come a file called NSMBWRG.nds.gba: this is your patched file.

    Batch code:
    rename *.nds NSMB.nds
    xdelta patch WRG.patch NSMB.nds NSMBWRG.nds.gba
    Despite my strong aversion to smilies, [​IMG] to WRG and Psyfer.

    Oh and if I get bored I will see if I can reverse engineer the patch to get the Japanese version working. Oh and I will put the French translation on my new site in a few minutes.

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    You don't need it.
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