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    Btw, if anyone is confused and are owned by the same people and are pretty much the same but box is just for console modchips.

    ANyway, I ordered a Xeno GC and they say they sent it, and that I should log in to track it. However, my dad ordered the device, and says he never registered an account.I wouldn't know as I wasn't in the room when he did so but is there anyway to track the order w/o an account?
  2. laminaatplaat

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    May 25, 2007
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    Can you even buy stuff these days online without having an account [​IMG]

    How can you prove that you ordered something??
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    The online version of dixons(nl) also doesn't have a login system or something and there are various other sites that let you choose to create a quick purchase or create an account first. And how to prove? Well confirmation emails/paypal checks or something?

    Don't you have a userid in the confirmation e-mail or something? If so you can try lost password thing. Or what other information have you been given by e-mail?