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    This is a topic with only info about what has been found and done in the PSVita. This thread HAS NO LINKS FOR A VITA CFW, and such thing does not exist yet.

    That said, let's see the list.

    Q: Is there any CFW (Custom FirmWare) for vita already?
    A: No, there is not. Didn't you read the line in red at the top of

    Q: What is that Genesis game running on Vita then?
    A: It is a small homebrew, called HALF BYTE LOADER.
    Actually, the Genesis games were run through on the PSP emulator called PicoDrive, using the unreleased HBL, which already been integrated with savedata exploits found inside the Vita's PSP Emulator.
    and because of that, the Vita can run in USER MODE (not PSP MODE), means ability to load homebrews, and so on.
    [Thanks to Meganova for fixing this bit]

    Q: What is PSP mode?
    A: It's an emulation of the PSP system, running in the PSvita system. It's pretty much like the PSX compatibility on PSP and DS compatibility on 3DS.

    Q: Does that mean I can run PSP iso backups on my PSVita?
    A: Not yet, the HBL only supports some homebrews.

    Q: What is that screen with crappy models of dolphins?
    A: It is a bug of sorts. It's a Debug screen, not something created by a hacker. If you ever see this screen on your psvita, you should contact customer support - it seems there is no known way to return yor psvita to a working state when that screen shows up.

    Q: Can that be used for an exploit/cfw?
    A: Too early to tell, but it's likely it won't.

    Q: How can I access the recovery menu in PSVita?
    A: Turn OFF your PS Vita (Press Power Button for 10 seconds), now press and hold "R" + Power + PS (PlayStation Button). Wait until it shows the recovery menu screen. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT try to use this if you don't know what you're doing.

    Q: Can I transfer files to my Vita without internet? (ie: "My internet went down/I don't have internet/my internet is too slow")
    A: Yes, you install the provided software, Content Manager Assistant, and patch it with OPENCMA. It won't ask for internet connection after it's patched.

    Q: How can I find out more info about my handheld?
    A: Besides navigating to the System settings and then system information, while there you can press and hold L + R + left + Square for a few seconds [not on the analog] and then start. It shows some information about the hardware, firmware and other stuff. Works for PS3 and PSP too, but since it has been found recently, no one knows yet how useful can that info be.

    I belive that's all the available info as of 13/jan/2012 - If there's anything new or anything I missed or messed up, please post here. Glad to be of any help.
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