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    Sep 13, 2009
    The PSVita firmware has once again been updated and while normally it wouldn't be newsworthy, this one comes with numerous new, useful features:
    • As requested since the console's launch, you can now back up your saves without copying the entire game using CMA - PSPlus subscribers can now upload their saves to the Cloud via Wi-Fi. You can also set the system up to Auto-Upload your save files to the Cloud
    • The PSVita is now capable of playing music and video content stored on your PS3 or a computer without having to copy it over via streaming (requires a CMA update)
    • A newly-added section of the menu screen (available by holding down the PS button) gives you instant access to Network settings (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flight Mode, Mobile Network) so you no longer have to go to the Settings section to turn them on or off
    • You can now disable the Trophies pop-ups (you can turn it off for all games or individual titles)
    • The update "improves system stability and patches security issues", aka "blocks VHBL"
    Other features described in the Source link:
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