Psv retroarch pokemon fire red (usa, eurpoe) rev1 cheats


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May 28, 2015
United States

Ive tried and tried but i cant seem to get any cheats to work for pokemon fire red.

Im not sure how you enter action replay or gameshark codes, ive looked in their faq but it seems to cover more on how to find codes rather than add them.

The retroarch i am using is a pre build that comes with custom art and skins, but i notice (unless this is disabled for vita) that its feature to download/update the build/cores and cheats is not possible.

Anyway to my point.

As i had 0 cheat codes for my pokemon fire red version, i have made them all myself.

I have made over 300 codes and everything i need, the only code i cant seem to make is

Random pokemon generator, where you can select which pokemon you encounter in the random battles.

Has anyone got this code that works (i have tried google and using all the ones i find but they dont seem to work).

This could be maybe i dont know how to add action replay/gameshark codes as these tend to be multiple lines and when i find my codes in retro arch theyre all single line codez.

I notice my fire red codes also work on leaf green (usa) version, my red is europe/usa rev1.

So if anyone has said code to select what pokemon you encounter so i can capture them on my red version or the green version above.

I would really appreciate if you could share, i can edit the value for what ever pokemon i need to complete my pokedex, but im mainly after the ones locked out and only available in green, but as theyre the same game and theyre locked out, like other pokemon games i know i can get them if i only had a working cheat code.

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