[PSV 1K/3.60/HENkaku] Erratic WiFi connection behaviour. Does it happen for everybody, or just me?

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  1. Jao Chu

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    Aug 20, 2013
    straya m8
    Hi everyone, just wanting some thoughts or opinions on the PS Vita's WiFi connection. TL;DR section is at the end of this post if you don't want to read a novel....

    My setup is:
    -3G model
    -3.60 firmware
    -64GB mem card

    The problems:
    -Won't connect automatically to my home WiFi without human input.
    -Connection will drop out inevitably.
    -Won't reconnect again without human input.

    I realise that running hacks is using a device in such a way as the manufacture didn't intend to and that causes issues and unexpected bugs, but my PS Vita's WiFi connection is erratic and isn't behaving correctly in my opinion. Now i come to think of it, i'm pretty sure it has always behaved like this for as long as i can remember before henkaku/taihen (i've had eCFW on it since it first came out all those years ago)

    So, my PS Vita ALWAYS requires user input to connect to my home WiFi (or any other wifi network for that matter) Every instance of powering on my console, it will just sit their infinitely displaying "no SIM" if it's not in flight mode, or displaying the aeroplane logo if it is in flight mode.

    My home WiFi has an unhidden SSID, uses WPA2 AES for encryption and the password only has a short combination of capital letters and numbers. My router is an ISP-supplied Technicolour unit broadcasting in 2.4gHz range. I don't have any parental controls/URL blocking/MAC filtering rules that could interrupt the PS Vitas connection.

    My home WiFi connection is only access point configured in my settings and it has the "Do not automatically connect to this access point" box unticked. Inside the PS Vitas Wi-Fi settings menu, the box is ticked enabling Wi-Fi and my home access point is available with full signal strength but it continues to keep scanning (circular activity animation) and refreshes the list every five seconds. I've also got "use WiFi in power saving mode" ticked as well.

    After i navigate to the settings and connect to my access point manually, it's only a matter of time before the the PS Vita will lose connectivity. If i leave the unit idling in the home menu, the connection is severed within a minute. If the task running on the PS Vita that requires a connection, it will stay connected until completion (FileZilla ftp transfer, HENkaku/taiHEN install etc.) then eventually drop out again.

    It's particularly annoying because sometimes when i enter into VitaShell to activate the FTP server, the connection has already been dropped and i have to go and manually connect again.

    It should be noted that this occurs regardless if HENkaku/taiHEN has been launched or if flight mode is activated or not. It's always the same, even when i was on lower firmware in the past. This PS Vita is over 4 years old and has used a number of different routers too, still the same result on all of them.

    Does anyone else PS Vita behave like this, or is mine an isolated incident? Is this just the nature of the PS Vitas software or chipset? I just can't understand why the connection can't be made automatically?.

    i don't ever play online/use PSN/any SEN features. My PS Vita account is throwaway with no significant purchases made/trophies earned and I do not care at all if my console gets banned. I just want it to stay connected to my network due to the nature of how file transfers and exploits work with the PS Vita.

    Any thoughts/ideas/method of fixing this would be appreciated. Thanks for reading! :)

    TL;DR PS Vita wifi connection won't automatically connect. Have to manually connect via the menu every time. Won't stay connected. Won't reconnect automatically without my input.
  2. Gourmet

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    Sep 17, 2015
    Just transfer files via PSP save trick and use henkaku offline installer.
  3. Jao Chu

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    Aug 20, 2013
    straya m8
    Yes, i actively do all of those things already. But it's a little impractical to transfer a 1 megabyte ROM file for retroarch in that method..... I'd rather just have my WiFi connected and ready to go when i need FTP......
  4. Kerbangman

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    Sep 19, 2016

    The Vita is not the best on the wifi side. Distance is poor especially through thick walls etc.

    First Try being in the same room as the router.

    Then Try using a different wifi connection e.g WEP WPA WPA2 etc