PSPCipher: A PRX Decryptor that can crack 0×2e5e10f0 eboot.bin

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    Still patching and decrypting eboot.pbp’s? Still having issues with your latest UMD’s? Well we got another one for you to try. PSPCipher is another one of Liquidzigong creations. He made also made Prometheus for 5.00m33 and 5.50 GEN. Well this is another PRX Decryptor with a slight difference, it can crack 0×2e5e10f0 .Which is the key tag which pspdecrypt.prx failed to decode.
    So what does that mean? Well the newer encryption of eboot patches can be cracked, so you can run the likes of God Eater 1.01 patch and Idol Master SP patch etc. These are tested and working.
    PSPCipher Usage:

    [​IMG] Download
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    Hmm just for lols I'm goign to try and decrypt Modnation Racer's demo with this

    Hope it dosen't brick my PSP

    Wtf wheres DATA.PBP? All i have is DATA.PSAR and DATA.PSP

    EDIT: Just decrypted the 2.05 LBP patch and applied it but it didn't work.. How come?