PSP2000 or 3000? Trading in old one for new.

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    Well, my current slim, with its peeling paint and scratched screen, is just getting old. So I've decided to trade it in for a "new" used one. Now normally I'd go for another 2000, but with all the advancements on the PSP front and such (like the signed TN-C HEN), a 3000 doesn't seem like a bad idea. But sadly, I'm all too indecisive about this crap. So what do you think I should get?
  2. Nujui

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    I would suggest a 3000. It would be newer and it would replace the old one you have. You can get a 2000, but that's my opinion
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    The current 6.x hacks are not as good as the current 5.x. None of them even play PSX titles.

    Yes there's online, but we've had that on 5.x with PSNLover for a while.