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    Feb 25, 2008
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    Alright, so I bought a used, slightly damaged PSP from a friend. I have fully repaired it myself up to this point and now I need some help. There is not much I can tell you about the PSP, what I do know is that it was "water" damaged but how it was or how it was cared for afterwards was not specified.

    The joystick! I have a very loose understanding of how it functions, simply explaining how it works may provide insight on how my problem could be resolved (please, no smart ass responses, I know how and what it does but not on a detailed level).

    The problem: Constantly moving down at a very rapid rate.

    My attempts at fixing it:
    1) Look for calibration settings
    2) Identify if it's the analog stick or something else
    3) Check for dirt, grime or anything that could cause the joystick to be pressed downwards physically.
    4) Look for anything that does not look like it's suppose to be there. (Based on pictures and videos from the web.)

    1) No calibration settings found (please correct me if I am wrong for this could save so much time)
    2) It is not the analog stick to my knowledge. I have completely removed the analog stick (Can provide pictures) and turned on the PSP and it still moves downwards. This makes me believe it was something on the PSP.
    3) Dirt, grime or other misc. objects were not found, the joystick springs back into the default position. (And with knowledge from the previous test, I don't believe the joystick is even the problem.)
    4) Well, nothing I noticed. However, when I tap the metal piece directly below the joystick, the cursor/whatever moves downwards. Never any other direction. This may not mean anything but I just observed it so, I think it might be helpful to state.


    Thanks in advance... Having done so much work on this unit would really upset me if the joystick didnt work (since from what I've played, a good amount of gameplay has the joystick involved, and if it's involved, going downwards 100% of the time is now always good =P)
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    is the faceplate screwed down full as i was missing 1 screw which cause my joystick to go walkies
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    Feb 25, 2008
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    No, actually I believe that's the problem. After tinkering a bit more with it, I found out its a pressure issue with the connection between the PSP's motherboard and the analog stick.

    Honestly, that stupid rubber piece is just a crappy design imo. (Piece that connects the contacts of the analog stick with the contacts of the motherboard).

    So, Im going to find the screws for the face plate and hope that works. The only thing is, I bought it used and it came without the screws (hopefully the guy I bought it from still has them.)

    Thanks for the reply
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    mmm... yes...
    This is the very reason I sold my psp.
    In return, I got a DS lite with an broken touch screen [​IMG]