PSP Firmware Update 6.31

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    PSP Firmware Update 6.31
    Apparently Patches HBL 6.30 WIP Port

    Much like its almost barren PS3 firmware 3.41 counterpart, PSP firmware 6.31 is now live, but don’t expect much. The latest update for Sony’s handheld doesn’t deliver any new features, but rather provides the typical “system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved” update which typically is made available when Sony wants to build barriers against homebrew developers and hackers, which we’ve come to understand nearly five and a half versions later.[/p]

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    Ahh.. I miss those good ol kxploit times [​IMG]
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    I have a PSP-3000, and from what I've gathered, there's no permanent CFW solution on the platform, correct? Only a temporary HEN thing that gets removed once the unit is powered down?

    Should I just go ahead and update anyway? If I can't have CFW, I'd like to have my official FW up to date, been buyin' all my PSP games for a while. All I would really need CFW for is classic emulation... hmm...
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    There is no permanent/flashable Custom Firmware for any PSP-3000's yet. ChickHEN is the exploit that lets you load on the temporary firmware, which would be 5.03 GEN-C.
    If you buy your games and play them legitly then you may aswell update to the latest official firmware, 6.31. You can use a few of the emulators with the Half-Byte Loader though, which was in the works of being ported to 6.30, although apparently it does not work on the new 6.31 firmware according to PSPSlimHacks.
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    How did they figure out which game(s) to patch, I thought the game names were kept secret to prevent exactly that?
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    Update: PSP Firmware 6.31 has been released, looks like it patches no it doesn’t patch Half Byte Loader for 6.30. Which is being ported…Half Byte Loader being ported to OFW 6.30
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    the problem with my friends PSP was tht he updated it to 5.5... and we live in tanzania where the availability of resources is not so much hence no pandoras
    but definitely, PSP updates are more proofed than nintendo/wii updates eg 4.3 or 1.4 (for DSi - was it 1.4?)
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    Pandoras just won't work on PSPs which can't have a permanent firmware.