Psp corrupted or bricked? - Backup of Files for psp 2001

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    Sep 19, 2015
    Hi, I have a problem

    5 years back (or less ) i haved a psp 2001. got bricked for a corrupt file or different version file of a gameboot (or confused me with gameboot and startboot) I try to fix the psp searching backup files of the psp version and i found a backup for the version (I think) Totally i erase de old files (I didn┬┤t do a backup of these files) and put the new files.

    When I go to switch on I got a black screen, before i change the files she have a waves but no start (I think she doing that, I can't remember all of details that happened years ago) but the recovery mode still works.

    ┬┐Someone have a psp 2001 for pass me the root files?

    This fix my psp? or she totally bricked

    I still hope this way fix my psp but idk.

    And sorry for my bad english.