psp completely unresponsive after a crash (lots of info)

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    So one day I was on xplorer while it was charging and i was in the menu and it crashed, shutting off all of the lights while it was still plugged in. I've tried just about everything: taking out the battery and turning it on while it's plugged in, using my friend's original ac and battery, taking out the mem stick, putting in another one, going into recovery mode, I've even replaced the power port PROPERLY (everything is where it should be, nothing is broken, all the ribbon cables and sensitive stuff is on correctly) with another one that is identical to it (2001).
    This psp has worked from 2007 to late 2011 (when this occured) I'm pretty sure it isn't bricked because if it was the orange light would still work.

    Here are my specs and stuff
    PSP 2001 ceramic white from the 2007 starwars bundle
    CFW 6.39 PRO with nite pr, sound boost, menu + game background music via memory stick tracks
    original battery and ac wall charger that came with the bundle (confirmed to still work on another psp)
    sandisk 16 gb micro ms with single adapter
    HISTORY: Suffered a flat fall on the back into the sidewalk (3 feet fall distance) on the first week after opening but it survived the fall completely, with no signs of malfunction.

    From what I've gathered, it can't be the rod on the right because it looks fine, and it can't be the circuit board on the back to connect the battery, so it all comes down to something I can't see or the power switch board on the right, which is in charge of the lights and I think the switch turning it on.

    I have a few pics but I doubt they will help since I used my vita.

    I couldn't find a thread anywhere that was specific so I made a new one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    All of the pics were taken after I changed the port so the old one is out already.

    Also I forgot to note that my psp is the US version.