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  1. Skeet1983

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Somewhere, out there...
    Anyone know where to get latest (2016) TempAR Database? Thoughts/help appreciated :)
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    I'm going to be looking for this, too. Especially now considering that I realize I don't have a backup of my own of this cheat database, and I've noticed a fair few (especially PS1 games) that seem to lack having any codes at all.
  3. yeshuachrist

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Setup to use the "cheat4" database which is for ps1 eboots (both original and psn), took it from "cwcheat" and added a bunch of cheats for "tempAR". Gona update it with just a few more cheats for ps1, if you need something specific just let me know there, if I'm too lazy I'll let you know. Used these websites to get the cheats (regoranized a good deal of cheats, so game fixes are near the top of the cheat list) (open up "temp4" with notepad and follow the format for adding cheats in tempAR, 31 character naming limit for a cheat):

    Just about all cheats will work across multi disks, if there isn't and that is very rare, just make a note under the first disks SLUS ID under the cheat entry, so under game disk 1's SLUS entry, just make a note for the second or third disk, since tempAR will load the first disks cheats for all multidisks (same for "cwcheat", but "cwcheat" refuses to identify every game), just about all games use same cheat codes across disks

    Haven't updated any cheats for any psp games databases in tempAR
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    When it comes to cwcheat, is there a way to poke the addresses that are found using the search feature built in?

    Also, is there something like Gecko dotNet or JGecko U that can be used with cwcheat to create cheats?
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    anyone have codes for Phantasy Star 2 for TempAR?
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    Feb 17, 2015
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    Anyone know how to find Pointers with TempAR? Here is what I got...
    Family Guy (US)
    Infinite Health - Stewie
    Found 1st Scan Address and confirmed it. Made Memory Dump
    Found 2nd Scan Address and Confirmed it. Made another Memory Dump.
    Loaded up TempAR Pointer Scanner on my PC.
    Input Addresses, Dumps, and Adjusted Value (42C80000 thanks to Azagthoth at GameHacking)
    Made sure it is 32Bit, Only Display Optimum Pointers, and CWCheat.

    ......No Green Highlighted Pointers?????? VERY long list?????