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    May 18, 2018
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    Earlier and in a different thread, I mentioned some PPSSPP on Horizon OS details that I saw. Figured it should be in it's own thread, so...


    I saw the comments on that bountysource link, but for the sake of convenience: PPSSPP already has an ARM64 JIT like natinusala said on there."


    Still waiting on SDL2 to be updated. Threading is another issue, but SDL2 is more important."


    figured I'd add some insight:

    SDL2 has been updated and you can use GL context it creates."


    I went through thedax's GitHub https://github.com/thedax and found "Add support for Nintendo Switch." coding was added to this PPSSPP video player on Sept 9.


    "A slimmed-down build of FFMPEG used in PPSSPP."

    These are in the codes "h.264, mpeg4, mpeg2video, mjpeg, and mjpegb"


    Saw this excerpt on Wikipedia "FFmpeg is part of the workflow of hundreds of other software projects, and its libraries are a core part of software media players such as VLC"

    Any of you know who thedax is? Maybe you can mention the Homebrew Bounty to them.

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