psp 3000 with 6.10 firmware what to hack with ?

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by -=oopeteroo=-, Mar 31, 2011.

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    i will maybe buy a psp 3000 thats come with 6.10 firmware... read the hackthread... the only way to hack it is using 6.35 HEN, right ?
    is it good ?

    my psp 2000 is using 5.03 and is verry good. How is 5.03 compare to 6.35? will most of the iso run ?

    i have another psp 2000 with 6.20 cfw (hen-d or c ?) but emulator freezes and cant run all the isos that 5.03 will =/

    so i was wondering if i can hack my psp 3000 and hows the firmware...or should i skip buying it ? buying it cuz its cheap secondhand [​IMG]
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    6.35 PRO is a little different from a HEN. it supports plugins, much more homebrew, and native ISOs. it's a LCFW, which is a custom firmware that has to be re-enabled each time you coldboot.
    all ISOs that work on 5.xx with prometheus work on 6.35 PRO.
    and it's easy to upgrade to - just upgrade to 6.35 OFW, then use the PRO patcher to get to 6.35 PRO-B3.
    you only have to re-enable it upon coldboots, like when your battery dies, or your PSP crashes, hangs, etc etc. unless you're the kind of person who fully turns their PSP off instead of using sleep mode in the XMB.

    the way you re-enable it is by running the "fast recovery" eboot, which can be found on the PRO homepage. takes about 10 seconds.

    also, if you have a non-v3 PSP2000, i recommend downgrading to 5.00 via hellcat's recovery, then upgrading to 5.50 GEN-D3 and patching with prometheus v4.
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    On the 2000's you have I take It you can't run 5.50 GEN-D3 with Prome-4 add-on because you have the bad motherboard huh.

    On the 3000 I'd go with 6.35 PRO-B3.