PSP 3000, is it worth it?

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    Dec 26, 2008
    This is a parody of a topic in the same category.

    Im sick and tired of you people complaining about the DSi. You make me sick. The DSi has more features than the DS Lite and so if you want it, buy it. If you dont like it, just shut up.

    Why not look at the PSP instead? compare the PSP 2000 and the 3000. Nothing was change and no feature has been added. the microphone is just a gimmich as you can get a headset with a microphone for the psp2000. Why bother with an improved LCD when it will reduce the battery? sure the pictures will be nice but who cares? it's a handheld device not a HDTV. Can we watch 1080p on the PSP?

    WHy sony compared the PSPgo to the original 1000? because the 1000 is still the best PSP around if you know what I mean. Why not comapre the PSPgo to the 3000, Sony? because they're just the same like comapring a DS Lite to a DSi.

    The DSi has been released after like 2/3 years and the PSP 3000 was release before the full year of the PSP 2000 and yet Sony is releasing another one in another year. why buy the 3000 when we can have the PSPgo?

    Think people, think. atleast your DS Lite will not be obselete in just a year or two unlike the PSP. Where's the PSP2000 support now? Sony is now promoting the PSP3000 alongside the PSPgo.

    So yeah. no flaming. just be nice so noone will get ban

    pros of a DS Lite:

    backward compatibility
    long battery life

    cons of a ds lite

    glossy finnish

    pros of a DSi

    2 real time photo editing cameras (no other cameras offer similar real time effects)
    enjoyable sound player mechanism
    fast internet connection with browser
    enjoyable online games (DSi Ware)
    built in Flash memory
    SD card support
    advanced wifi security (WPA)
    fast battery charging

    cons of a DSi
    matte finnish
    poor battery life
    pure DS gameplay

    pros of PSP 2000

    slim factor
    improved UMD slot
    improved design

    cons of PSP2000
    poor battery life

    pros of PSP3000
    advanced security mechnism (anti hacking)
    built in microphone
    improved LCD

    cons of PSP3000
    even poorer battery life
    defective LCD due to being improved

    pros of a PSPgo
    portable size
    built in flash memory (16GB memory)

    cons of PSPgo
    no UMD support {goodbye second hand games}

    speculation on the PSPgo
    lifetime of the battery to be worse or better.

    I looked at it from my point of view and that's the only things I can see to actually study these gadgets. these are my factors when i want to buy them.

    noo fighting. no flaming. i need opnions not critics.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. If you don't like something and you see a thread about it, don't enter it just to start a flame war.