PSP 1004 OFW 6.60 - Semi Brick HELP NEEDED

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    Oct 7, 2013
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    Hey Guys,

    I needed time, please help . Undzwar following:
    My PSP that I've been given by my girlfriend had the OFW 5:00 and no battery. Friday had ordered me a normal battery from Amazon, arrived today . All well and good . I inserted the battery , PSP turned on , 100 % charge . I just think to myself " oh suppi then kloppste same time the OFW 6.60 on it ." Said and done , on the psp page downloaded ( wlan psp is the putt ^ ^ ) , and made ​​it start properly. everything was normal only once (I think at about 80 %) there was error message. The exact error message I do not know, but it would fall were "F" s in it. I think first oh god, determined gebricked ... was also not alone in ... Anyway , I turned off the PSP , dressed again , huh ... everything normal. 've Watched that OFW is it and lo and behold , 6.60 . I 've been looking forward to . would then clap the CFW PRO -B10 on it , PSP game boat comes , there remains some seconds and then the PSP turns off. and that happens with everything: with the downgrader , with other CFW installations ... ONLY the HBL works, but only in the following way : I let the PSP off 15min . to be half an hour , then I can use the normal, but then again I start something that is not possible , such as the CFW installation, then the HBL does not work well . Does the PSP can then lie again . Have also tried my BATTERY possibly to nem Pandora battery to hard modding , shit is , is net . is a " 3rd party " battery. ( forgiveness for my choice of words ) . And now I 'm at my wits end , have registered ado here and just pray for a speedy help . Here are a few more data can I do so now or read :

    PSP model: 1004
    PSP OfW : 6.60 ( says me , at least)
    Battery: / (I hope I may purely put the link so that you know exactly what I please just remove amsonsten have ordered ^ ^ )
    UMD drive: no idea if it works

    If it were possible , I would not necessarily have to buy something. And I would also fixed as soon as possible . I ask you for help . I have a little clue , just are not angry with me if I do not understand something at first attempt ^ ^

    Nevertheless, I thank you very much in advance for any contribution .
    Greetings Ben

    (i hope you guys can read this, cause i copied it into google translator.. it took me too long to write this in my language xD)