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  1. camx

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    Nov 17, 2003
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    did a bit of searching and cant find anything on GBATemp. So is anyone here playing phantasy star online: blue burst or equivalent on schthack's server?

    i never thought i'd touch a PSO game again (last time i played was using official blue burst servers in 2003) but when i heard the schthack server was FREE with lowered drop rates i just had to get on. there are some cool new quests that arent official ones, and sheesh, photon drops are like diamonds in the game... like it should have been until sega bumped the drop rates so high you could find high star items on normal dropping like candy... i hated that... in this one you really have to work to find stuff but it balances the game out nicely.

    so if you decide to play, get on schooner, and look up camuS the short fat HuCast [​IMG]
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