[PSM GAME](NL/BE ONLY) SPIKE Says Release Next Week

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    May 13, 2009
    Hello guys,

    Today I want to announce SPIKE Says for Playstation®Mobile here on the GBATemp forum.
    I made this game myself and it will be available on the Dutch and Belgian PlaystationStore only!
    The game will cost around €0,60(the official price will be revealed at the release of the game).
    SPIKE Says is a clone of the world famous Simon Says game.
    SPIKE Says has improved visuals and with enough support I will release the game outside of The Netherlands and Belgian. Second I will improve the features if there is enough support.
    You will find more information on the links below.
    I gladly like to hear your opinion about the game!

    EDIT: SPIKE Says is now officially released on PlaystationMobile for PS Vita.
    Click here to go to the PlaystationStore.

    EDIT: SPIKE Says will soon get an update which fixes some stuff and brings PS TV support. The game costs 0.49 USD/0.41 EUR/0.33 GBP


    For more info about the game:

    Some screenshots:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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