Discussion PSA: You can play movies/tv shows from GDrive with the Switch browser

Discussion in 'Switch - Emulation, Homebrew & Software Projects' started by lordelan, Apr 25, 2019.

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    Mar 17, 2010
    So how do all the non educational sites get one?
  2. fadx

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    Sep 15, 2016
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    Unfortunately you can't really get them anymore, previously anyone could acquire a .edu domain but that changed and I believe only educational bodies can obtain them now. Domains registered before that change were grandfathered in and will stay up assuming the people that own them pay for the renewal.
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  3. lordelan

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    Jan 4, 2015
    They are not necessarily stolen but you are right, at least they are time bombs and the main reason I got myself one is to do some tests like
    • is the storage really unlimited?
    • how's the mechanic (aka is my main drive boosted or is there a special folder/area which is unlimited)?
    • does it work with KODI's GDrive plugin?
    • does it work on the Switch?
    And for 1 $ it did well answering all those questions for me. :)
    Since I'm still subscribed to Google Play Music All Access (aka Google's Spotify) I guess I'll abandon that one and use the newly available money to get myself a GSuite acc.

    Thx @fadx for all the information given. :)