Hardware PSA/Tutorial: Affordable, compatible 1.5TB internal drive


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Feb 6, 2017
Alberta, Canada
So I needed more space for my PS3, unfortunately 2TB Drives don't work unless you do HPA shenanigans which may or may not work. But since the PS3 has a theoretical max capacity of around 1.84TB's I decided to look for a 1.5TB internal drive. Unfortunately it seems companies have stopped making 2.5" 1.5TB drives, and so the only ones I could find were either used, super expensive, or permanently out of stock. So I decided to check out 1.5TB external drives, since those are just internal drives in a case with an adapter at the end. So I bought this.


Disassembling it is super simple, I just cut the seam on the side with an exacto knife, and used a flathead screwdriver to pry open from the seams. Took out the drive, took out the screws holding it together, took off the SATA to USB thing, and threw it in the PS3, it asked to format the drive, did it's thing and worked like a charm. Paired with that new 8% HDD Unlocker Utility, I now have a PS3 with around 1400GB of internal storage.

I bought this on Canadian Newegg for $73 CAD. Not sure if it's on the US Newegg but check it. Might even be cheaper.

Would recommend, it's super simple and I didn't even break the casing, I could put it back together with a different size internal drive if I wanted to.

EDIT: Link is dead, redirects to new product, think it's still listed though.
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