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    The edge of the forum is for randomness, stupid posts, and shitposting. The edge of the forum is pretty much twitter of GBATemp. Here is for having civilized conversations about random topics.
    Just wanted to clarify.

    So, in conclusion, if you want to post about when you're going to sleep or trolling, please use the eof.

    Thank you.
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    I might make a GNU social instance for the Temp now to think of it, but I can't be bothered to buy another hosting plan for my site.
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    You got it wrong.
    The EOF is for humorous posts you might not want to spin into a full thread, something slightly irreverent or actually testing things if you don't have a better method. Failing at making such a thread and having it promoted to GOT is not a bad thing, and indeed if all your efforts are teetering on that then you are doing it properly.

    You can keep your stupid posts and 4chanism, or shitposting if I must use the current vernacular, for somewhere else. Such things are handily summed up in a 2008 thread you can see here . Alternatively it is succinctly summarised by a lesser remember rule of the internet that is otherwise known as the New York Times rule. It reads if you, you in this case being an American, would not like to have the thing you are about to post as a headline in the New York Times then best not to post it. Other variations on the same theme would include "Would you have urmum read it?", however that does not work so well here as she already knows what a screwup you are. Indeed she said so in bed last night.

    If you absolutely must tell us you are going to sleep (by the way I would no more say that than post my address and holiday plans) and GBAtemp as a whole is not acting as your sleep specialist (protip - medical advice from actual medical sites is a bad plan, medical advice from hacking and computer game sites is even worse) then use status updates so I can not see them even more.
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    This is the EoF in a shellnut:
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    How irreverent is too irreverent? I assumed if it was ok for YouTube it should be here too.
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    I dare say this place is slightly less puritanical than youtube, though you are not going to go too far wrong using that as your base.
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    Just to make a small correction on that article.

    You know, it may not be the same, but the same blood run in their veins. (if a language has blood)

    Also, regarding what the EOF community does, they sure act like it was a nuclear waste disposal site... I mean, 4chan.
    You can call it an elephant, but if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I would call it a duck.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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