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    As a traditional gamer, the new systems have completely lost their appeal to me, how many of you also feel this way?

    There's a flood of JRPGs, all poor designed, and a flood of First/Third Shooters with the RPG tag, very poor taste. I wouldn't pop down 4 or 5 hundred just for two quality genre's out of every other genre that's been cut short.

    The development expense, simply makes JRPG and First/Third Person shooters easier to develop. A Traditional RPG or Adventure game can easily take triple the development time, and 1 to 2 years. The profit margin the gaming companies need right now to sustain marketing and production is absurd. So much that a long time gamer like myself find nothing appealing in what the systems have to offer.

    If you owned a ps3 or a xbox360, like me (current have a xbox360), then everything the PS4 and Xbox One has to offer is stale. Admittedly, when Sony or Microsoft stops support for their internet services then a new purchase maybe appealing, but not at its current price tag. (Xbox One still sporting Overheating Issues, like its Xbox 360 counter part and its sales are about 40% less, worldwide then the PS4, and the PS4 sales haven't matched the previous generation, not because of the price tag, because of lack of interest from their own target markets).

    As far as the newer generation consoles go, I've seen much more value in the games developed for 3DS and PSP Vita, so what do you guys thing, the console market has finally lost its appeal? (Not referring to the Handheld Market).
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    I stopped reading.
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    if you want actual first party support, get a nintendo WiiU :)
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    Bottom Line, Microsoft produced a bad product with the xbox360 in order to reduce its product life cycle, because it does not have the software developers like Sony.

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances (Adopted by Europe in June 2000, not in the USA)
    No similar legislation is pending or has been proposed in the United States.

    Microsoft intended originally to produce a "Xbox One within 5 years of the Xbox 360", (Microsoft Choose not to use Lead Based Solder knowing its systems would fail, there was no law in the USA to enforce their position, which they abandoned with the "Xbox One", otherwise no one would buy it based on their reputation), however when Sony realized it would lose the gaming marker due to the simple fact of obsolete hardware, they followed suite and released their own updated console. (PS4 is technically a Microsoft Driven Product if you view the argument this way).

    Unfortunately, software developers have doing nothing but mostly copy and paste games from the previous generation of PS3 and Xbox 360, rather than eliminate those titles from the system or restore backwards compatibility. Those like myself intending to skip this generation of consoles the PS4 and Xbox One, have ample motivation, as we see an onslaught of, "nothing new except new paint jobs on old titles".

    At its current price point of 400 to 500, and limited ingenuity in the lineups, versus the previous generations, this accounts for the lack of sales from the die hard, traditional gamers such as myself.

    There is a considerable difference in sales, not saying, we should be encouraged to make a purchase by allowing sony or microsoft to further damage themselves in not honoring warranties or in the immediate discontinuation of their internet services for those consoles (which would only prompt retailers to pull the old hardware and software from the shelves). Just saying, in another 1 to 2 years, when the price point drops low enough to justify a purchase, for a game system that has mostly old hash, and "copy/pasted games". By that time, there will be a newer system that does not implement the next generations based on "competitive product release fixing", and by that time, who will want to buy this generation's ps4 and xbox one, in 1 to 2 or 3 years from now?

    (If this argument rings true to you as a traditional gamer, such as myself)
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