PS4 The Crew Wild Run Game: Who's playing this? <I do too

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    Apr 2, 2003

    Since i have a PS4 i play much time on it The Crew Wild Run game.
    Worked through the Story Challenges, and do play most of the time PvP Races.
    With the newcoming Calling All Units, the game got an demo update, and now there is a new mission to collect crates to win parts of new cars and bikes, cool they added this to have more specific level up system, even though it doesnt have the biggest earning and you have to do big time for your reward well you get more sathisfaction for more to do ingame. cool to have it like it new to the previous game versions.
    I'm still not sure if i would buy the DLC for latest update of this game. maybe next year, there's still plenty of upgrading and buy things ingame.

    If you play this game too, we could create a crew, because there are'nt that much crews so far i know i got invited to.. maybe they grow and become bigger, well i keep an eye on that, if it's more worth to play this way in multiplayer mode racing..
    Or add me as friend: my player ID is: pietersamuelt

    i made some selfies with the cars i earned/own with the camera/vr photography,
    check the screenshots out at:

    what do ya think about this game ^_^:ninja::discuss: