PS4 exclusive game 'Dreams' will have its early access creators program go live on April 16th

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    Having just missed being shown off in PlayStation's State of Play broadcast, Sony's PS4 exclusive title Dreams has received a release date for its special early access program. After initially detailing the launch plans for the game back in February, developer Media Molecule has announced that a select amount of players will be able to register for a pre-release creators build on April 16th. For $29.99 on the PlayStation Store, you'll be able to play and make your own levels and creations, and once the game officially goes live, players will be able to experience them on launch day. For those that manage to purchase the limited early access version and contribute levels and feedback, they'll be treated to an unlock for the full retail game when it releases.
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    So this wasn't about the Nights, journey into dreams game by Sega. I thought it was related. :P
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    I'm happy we finally got a release date for the early access.
    I have some ideas for games I'll create, but I think I'll enjoy more other people's creation.

    Don't hesitate to contact me to make a co-op creation :)
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    Yaaas, I hope I can get the early access in time T^T
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    Nice, it'll be a birthday present.
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    Dreams Universe (Japanese name of the game) got his Early Access (EA) version release date too : April 22th

    Early access for other already planed countries is near, next Tuesday, April's 16th ! Sony validated the game for release last week.
    It has been confirmed that the EA will have these languages already available : English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

    still no info on Poland's EA date, I hope we'll get it soon. Poland was part of the beta access, but EA is not planed yet. There were some nice creations and artists from there.

    Don't worry too much about having time to get the Early Access version, it'll stay available few days on PSN. the registration limit is high, and they said they plan to "add access to new countries" along the EA period, so it's meant to be available long enough for the addition.

    quote from Mm:
    "April 16th, at 10:30AM BST for EU/Russia/NZ/Australia users, and 8:30AM PDT for NA users!"
    so, 11h30am for Western Europe, 10h30am for UK.

    For the launch day celebration, Mediamolecule will make an exclusive 12H live streaming video on Twitch to welcome all new players from all timezones!
    10am to 10pm BST !
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    Dreams Early Access is now available on PSN.
    If you don't find it on your phone's "PS app", use your console to find it.
    the game is 2.61GB

    To celebrate the release of Early Access, Mediamolecule are streaming Dreams all day long.
    Current live feed, streaming from 11am to 11pm BST.

    Edit: USA early access is now available too !

    Official Dreamers website:
    you connect using your PSN login/pass after you launched dreams at least once.

    This website contains real time creation list and all the game's data, news, updates, users details and it's even available in multiple languages. changes done on the website is automatically reflected ingame.
    This is so cool to be able to browse all creations, creators, posts, comments, manage your favorites, etc. You can EVEN listen to audio created in the game directly on PC ! (only preview for the moment)
    Very nice tool to get a level's screenshot from the game directly on internet, no need to PS4 share>put on USB>put on PC.

    Like announced and I've read on twitter once : there are (were? forbidden access) tools to upload data/sounds from PC to the game! it's currently disabled as it was in beta test only, it'll probably be ready for full release.

    For all players who want to access the private forum to share bugs and suggestions with developers or with other players about beta/early access : ,
    example of info found on that website : 14 bugs fixed since beta are affecting existing creations made during beta, Mm is providing details, information and video tutorials to explain how to fix such issues.
    I find it really a good way to share experience with users and developers. they are present and talking about their work and supporting the users with all information they have. it's not just a game you play, they act like proper app development with updates, roadmaps and support.
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