PS4 exclusive Days Gone delayed once more

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    Actually, if you look at Duke Nukem Forever's development, it basically was started from scratch a couple of times throughout development time. Switching to different engines, scrapping out ideas and concepts, switching over to next gen consoles (PS3/Xbox 360), etc. It was basically Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. Being that the actual full development of the game only really started a couple of years before the actual release. So basically it was a rushed product.
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    what? persona 5 isnt a generic zombie game and its also the sequel to persona 4, a 2008 PS2 game, so its not like it wasnt expected, if anything, it was a predictable pattern.
    also, the first nintendo console (not portable) that i ever bought was a used wii earlier this year, so how am i a nintendo fanboy?

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    why answer to the same comment twice with the same nonsense argument, last guardian isnt a generic zombie shooter that everybody forgot.
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    Ace Combat, Steins Gate, Metro, Anthem, Crackdown, Anno 1800. Resident Evil 2 RE and Kingdom Hearts 3 also hit at the very tail end of January.
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    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    Sony's and Microsoft's games are always delayed
    That why I stick with Nintendo^^
    (huh... wait...)
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    Nothing is wrong with a delayed game.
    its times like these I remember the wisdom of the great Shigeru Miyamoto

    "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad,"
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    Anthem? Already?
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    Depends on why the game is delayed. If it's for marketing reasons (as this one was) then the delay isn't going to magically improve the game quality. Also, development hell games like Duke Nukem Forever and Too Human that were delayed for over a decade got worse with time instead of better.
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    Only for PS5!!!
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    while i see where your coming from and I understand it won't magically improve the game (add major new features in most cases ) I have to still disagree.

    considering the majority of game devs do some bug fixing and patches post-launch for a few months/a year or so,
    in the case where something was delayed strictly for marketing reasons, the people working on bug fixes still would be.
    only now the patch may be day one or shortly after launch rather than a month or more after launch.
    also since the start of the post-launch support period started later then hypothetically it may last longer than originally intended thus they may have more time to patch things then they would have.

    so its still a net benefit even if on paper it was only for marketing purposes.